• Hunting Creek Farms Events Venue - The Homestead

Our Story

Hunting Creek Farms is located on the banks of Hunting Creek in the rolling hills of the North Carolina’s Piedmont region. For centuries the red clay soil has provided for the inhabitants who called this home. First inhabited by Native Americans who hunted the abundance of deer, turkey and other wild game. Then by the early Scotch-Irish and Germans, who migrated down the Great Wagon Road in the early 1700’s. It was these early settlers that planted tobacco, corn and grains in the rich soil. Today, Hunting Creek Farms is still a working farm with crops of corn, soybeans and wheat. 

A stately three story white farm house, know as The Homestead, rises from a gently rising hill, the house dated circa 1840 with rolling fields below and distance views of nearby Brushy Mountains in Wilkes County. In 2006, restoration began on the exterior of this historic home, once all the exterior siding was removed it became apparent as to why this house has stood tall for over 150 years! The entire frame of the home is constructed of large hand hewn oak post and beam timbers and held together with oak pegs. Each timber precisely marked by the craftsman’s chisel with a Roman numeral.

Generations of families have experienced times of sadness, great joy, birth and death in this beautiful home. Our family continues the traditions of the land and of preserving the history of this stately farm house. We hope to share the beauty and history of the land and home with you.